Our Founder: Shannon Barbosa

Meet Shannon, a forty year old Christian woman, wife, mother, writer, speaker and founder of From the Ruins. From the Ruins is a ministry that longs to help hurting and grieving people to find hope in their brokenness. This organization helps people who are dealing with loss in many practical ways. Shannon and her family became acquainted with grief first hand in 2013, when she and her husband lost their oldest son in a car accident. At first, Shannon thought losing her 18 year old son tragically would be the hardest thing she would ever go through. It turns out that actually having to live each day without him has proven much harder. Writing has played a vital role in Shannon’s healing. After her son passed, she went to Rhode Island College and received her B.A. in English. Shannon writes with complete transparency and believes that being real is the only way to be. You will see this all throughout her writing. The Lord is near to the broken hearted. It is Him alone who holds the power to restore, therefore faking it is a waste of time and only hinders the healing process. Whether you’ve experienced physical loss of a loved on or you’ve suffered a relational loss, whether you’ve lost your home, or your job, or your health is suffering – this site is for you. We’ve all experienced loss of some kind, therefore we’ve all known grief. Please find healing here within these pages, and know that hope can always be found – even from the ruins. Be on the lookout for speaking engagements at local churches throughout Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts.
If you are interested in booking Shannon to speak at your church or conference, email shannbar@icloud.com

9 thoughts on “Our Founder: Shannon Barbosa”

  1. Many blessing to you and your family I’m deeply sorry for your loss, I have two. children on my own and I can’t imagine losing one of them!


  2. Thank you for being so open about your story 💕🙏🏽 It amazes me how we can use blogging to truly help a specific person struggling/in need. We all have an authentic, unique voice & you have certainly been blessed to share it.
    xx, Morgs*

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  3. Hi Shannon,
    I just listened to your CD from the Women of Judah conference in March. You have touched me deeply as you speak the Truth in Love. Thank you so much for your ministry. One of the things that struck me most powerfully was your joy in the midst of the pain. How this gives hope to a person who has not experienced joy in so long that it seems to be a falisy. Something that others make up, but can’t be real. Yes it is real, and you are proof.
    There is a woman who has lost her son this year and feels there is no way out, only down. I am going to send this CD to my sister, who will give it to her friend, who will give it to her sister. God please deliver this CD intact and bring the message of Hope to this woman.

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