Who’s Holy Spirit Do You Think You Are?

Last night I ran into a few friends from church. We chatted for a few, and we arrived upon the subject of wifehood. I listened as this woman shared her frustration about her significant other. She said he seemed to be on a different page than her – she was growing in the Lord, and he wasn’t going at her same pace. I encouraged her by saying these words… “We cannot be our husbands Holy Spirit. We cannot change them because if we do, the results we get are not real. Their behavior may have changed, but the heart is left in the same, or even worsened, condition.” My husband heard me say this and shouted, “AMEN!”
I’m sure He is grateful for this revelation God has given me, since I used to take in the role of the Holy Spirit quite often in our early years of marriage. (Sometimes, it still tries to creep up on me.;-)
What I learned is that by trying to change my husband it just frustrated the situation more. He was feeling discouraged, and I was feeling worn out. If we are trying to change our spouse in to our perfect image, the insecurity really lies within us. It’s when we haven’t placed our confidence in Christ alone, that we take on the project of changing those around us. If our confidence was in Christ, we would know that any change HE produces is REAL. It’s above and beyond anything we could ever do ourselves. Have you ever tried to do a job, but you don’t have the right tool? For example – trying to mop the floor without a mop – you end up on your hands and knees and it takes a lot longer. Or, carrying the laundry all the way up the stairs without a basket. Or, trying to vacuum under the couch, but you don;t have the right attachment so you have to lift and push at the same time. (I’ve done all of that, by the way.) That’s what it’s like when we try and do things in our own strength and confidence. Sure, we can pull it off sometimes, but it’s taken way longer, it doesn’t get done right, and it’s a really fight to accomplish it. Sure, we can nag and nag and nag until we get the husbands to shape up, but that leaves him feeling beat down and resentful, feeling unloved and shamed, and it leaves us feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted and STILL discontent at the end of the day. The same goes for your kids and your loved ones. Allow God to produce in them a new heart. If you’re struggling – let go. Make a decision that you are going to hold fast to God’s promises, choosing to LOVE all the while. I have seen, when I walk in love towards my husband, he wants to be a better man. He want to be who I see him as when I’m looking through Christ’s eyes. Love hopes and it never gives up on a person – it never fails and keeps no record of a person’s wrongdoing.
Take it from me – someone who has tried it both ways. LOVE conquers all. Choosing to love means choosing the victory.

Taste and SEE that the Lord is good!

“For  lack of vision the people perish…”
That’s a goood word right there! I know first hand what having no vision can do to you. It can literally stifle and halt the plan of God for your life. When I was twenty years old the Holy Spirit started leading me to write a book. I know that I know that this is what God wants for me to do and that He has equipped me with all I need to accomplish it… Which means I should have had it done by now, right!? Right… if I could have SEEN it, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t see the end result. I couldn’t see God working it all out for me. I couldn’t see anyone buying it OR reading it. There’s been a lot God has spoken to my heart over the years that has been stifled by my lack of sight. But NO longer. NOW I SEE!
I’m excited for all God has in store for me and I can see all of it! I see the book and I see people reading it! I see Him accomplishing all of it and I’m not afraid anymore! I see His perfect peace in my life! I see the Lord singing over me—pouring out His very same Holy Spirit that’s in Christ Jesus! I see His blessings running over in my life!
I see NO lack, I see NO want, I see NO fear!
I’m seeing all He has for me and I’m speaking it over my life!
You can, too! We are His children! He wants only good for us! He wants to bless us and provide everything for us! You just have to see! ” For lack of vision the people perish…”
I like the Message translation of this – “If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.” AMEN!


Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, rejoice!
No matter what’s going on in your life, rejoice. The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever! Whether you’re on top of the world and all is well or you’re having the worst day you’ve ever had, God loves you and has made you whole! His steadfast love is constant. He has made you in His image and sees you as His very own righteousness! Dive into His word and find out who you really are. You’re royalty so start going after your inheritance. Believe that His promises will come to pass in your life! Start expecting and be of good cheer for you have overcome the world!

Are You an Encourager? You’re Called to Be!

“Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.”
I am so grateful for friends who do this. Last night we had company and, as always, had some great laughs and fun times. We were all just enjoying one another, eating, watching the game, sharing our lives with one another. Not even thinking, I just started singing a verse to a song, when my friend looks at me and says ‘I just love being here, you guys are always singing, I love it.’ I looked at her kind of puzzled and said ‘Really?’ I guess I hadn’t noticed. HAHA. I mean we do sing allll the time, but I didn’t realize that we did it in front of our company or that it impacted anyone. It was so encouraging to know that our joy is outpouring without even a thought. God is so good to us, and we can’t help but sing His praise! I want to thank my friend…you know who you are… if you hadn’t said that I wouldn’t have known it blessed you. This encouraged me greatly. God has called all of us to encourage one another. I know, personally, I LIVE for encouraging people! It makes me so happy to make others feel good. I can’t imagine keeping it all in and never sharing it with the person I’m thinking it about. It seems like such a waste. 
Sadly, I see it happen quite frequently. It stems from insecurity or fear that if you edify someone else, you might not be edified. That’s a lie from the devil. To build someone up will build you up! It will feel so good! It will, more importantly, edify Christ since He is responsible for any of the good in any of us, anyways! Don’t let any more time pass without telling people the good you see in them. It will change your life!

Lord, You Have my Heart.

So, yesterday I was answering phones for WSTL’s Day of Prayer, when I got a call that touched my heart unimaginably. I got a call from an elderly woman who had lost her husband to cancer two years ago. Her prayer was that Jesus would help her not to feel so lonely. She told me she had never ever heard of WSTL before and yesterday was her first time ever tuning in. I told her that God loved her so much that He sent that radio station and day of prayer just for her. I prayed with this woman that God would be her comforter and her counselor, her constant companion and friend, and she received it. I could FEEL her receive it. I maintained my ‘peppy’ tone and told her I was so glad that we got to pray together and that God loved her so much! But, when I hung up, the strength I was able to maintain over the phone line just crumbled. To my surprise, I immediately began to sob. I felt so much for this lady. Within minutes I had grown to love and care deeply for this woman and it was very hard for me to leave her. But I know that I left her in the best possible place, right into the arms of Jesus. I’m so thankful for all the times He has wrapped ME in those very same arms. All the times I was lonely or hurt or afraid, He just held me.
More than it pained me to hang up the phone and leave that lady, it pains Him to leave us. So much so that He sent His son to die for you and for me. So much that no matter what condition we are in, He will never leave us or forsake us. It crushes Him when pull our heart or our mind away from Him…for sin, for friends, for earthly love, for status, for fun.. Whatever it is.
All that lady wanted was Jesus, and He’s all I want, too. I want His heart, His compassion, His desires, His plan, His purpose, His discipline, His wisdom, His everything. And He has already said it’s all mine—He hold nothing back, and I lack for NO good thing. Thank you, Jesus for me and for that lady, you know her, she is your daughter, and so am I.

Lord, Have All of Me.

Lord, you can have all of me. I’m yours, anyhow. Use me, Lord—any how and any way you want. I’m no longer interested in managing my own affairs. I’m no longer needing to ‘figure it out’ or know why. You are in control. You are my King, therefore I am your servant. You are my Father, therefore I am your daughter. You are my author, therefore I’m your book.You are my Comforter, therefore I am resting in you. You are my Peace, therefore I am comforted. You are my Joy, therefore I am joyful. ❤

“My life is not my own, to You I belong, I give myself, I give myself to You.”

I will never take it back. EVER.