Thanking Him With A Grateful Heart

So last week my husband brought in a dozen roses to work for me–JUST BECAUSE. He left them with the front office.When I got them the front of the card said ‘Many Thanks’ and there were like 5 little ‘thank you’s’ on the bottom. I thought to myself…’who could these be from?’ I turned the card over and it said, “Honey, Thanks for all you do.’ Of course it was my husbands writing. It felt so good to hear, or read, rather, those words. In the big scheme of life I KNOW my husband is thankful for me, but how nice it was of him to put an action to it. It felt so good.
So, of course, this got me thinking about God. Of course God KNOWS our hearts, and knows when we are thankful, but imagine what it does for Him when we are thankful on purpose, by giving Him praise with our words and thanking Him out loud. I think there are ways to ‘send God flowers’. When we are thankful out loud it blesses Him, when we share His love with others we show forth His glory, when we serve Him with our time and our gifts and our talents, He is blessed! I want bless the Lord at all times! His praise shall continually be on my lips!
The other day after shopping at SAM’S CLUB and Stop and Shop, I was pretty surprised at how high the bill was, and even thought ‘WOAH’ at first. But, that quickly turned into joy and thanksgiving. I just began to thank Him out loud and thank Him for the funds to buy food in abundance for our family, praising him that we lack for no good thing! Seriously, in our early years of marriage our grocery bill was a stress. There is no stress when it comes to any bill anymore. How did we get here?? GOD! Because “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.”

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